We have everything your companion could want or need for a happy and fulfilled life - and if we don't,
just ask us to order it in for you!
We stock a range of freshwater fish species, both coldwater and tropical.  We also offer free water testing, so you can monitor your fishy friends' environment.  We have a large range of accessories for both indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds.  And best of all, we have Vicki!  She has a wealth of fish knowledge that she loves to share with you, so be sure to ask her advice if you need it.
Quality nutrition is so important to the health and wellbeing of our furry friends, and nutritional needs vary with different life stages.  We are happy to discuss what will suit your pet best, whether they are young and growing, in active work, a new mum, or enjoying their senior years.  We stock several respected brands of food, including Nutro, Black Hawk, Hills and Royal Canin. 
Toys are a great way to enrich your pet's life, by encouraging both mental stimulation and exercise.  Delicious treats can be used as positive rewards during training, or to help keep them occupied, but like with us, all things in moderation!  We have a huge variety of toys and treats in store, so there will be something for everyone, no matter how big or small.
To help you keep them looking their best, we have a range of grooming tools available.  We also stock a variety of products for maintaining healthy skin and teeth condition, such as shampoos, eye and ear wipes, dental treats and tooth-brushing equipment.
Whatever size or shape your pet is, we have something for them.  For dogs, we not only carry collars, leads and harnesses, but head halters and muzzles as well.  For cats and small pets, we have a range of carry cages available.  You can also order personalised name tags for your pet's collar through us.
We stock a range of bird feeds appropriate for many different species, which can be purchased in bulk.  For their mental well-being, we have a variety of toys and other cage enrichment available.  We also carry a small range of cages.
To keep them comfortable and warm, we have an array of bedding options in stock.  Coats for dogs are also seasonally available for when the winter chill sets in.
For your rabbits or guinea pigs, we provide a small range of the essential items to help keep them content.  Food bowls, water bottles, food pellets and hay are all available from us.