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Companion Animals Services

We understand the importance of the relationship between you and your furry friends. Our vets and nurses can provide you with the appropriate advice and treatments to keep them in tip-top shape, from the moment they join your family.


Your pet should be vaccinated against common diseases at regular intervals. Parvovirus in dogs is particularly common in the Far North and can be devastating for unvaccinated puppies. Puppies and kittens can begin vaccination programmes as early as 6 weeks of age and are completed when they are 16 weeks old.  



We recommend having all your pets microchipped. Far North District Council requires dogs to be microchipped and registered by 3 months of age, or as soon you come to own them. We can implant the microchip for you, and ensure your pet is also registered on the national Companion Animal Register, so they can be easily returned to you if they ever go missing.


Even if your pet is not due a vaccination, we still love to see them each year! The annual wellness check means we can keep track of their health and well-being, and discuss any concerns you might have.


The Far North is overflowing with unwanted puppies and kittens. Unless you have specific plans to breed your pet we recommend neutering them at or before six months of age. We can usually perform the surgery on any weekday, and generally, your pet will only need to be with us for the day.


These conditions are often life-long and can be frustrating to manage. We can work with you through a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic process to develop a treatment plan that will best work for you and your pet.


Besides neutering, we can perform many other soft tissue surgeries, such as lump removals and wound stitch-ups. If your pet requires orthopaedic surgery, we can refer you to a specialist in Whangarei or Auckland.


We stock a variety of effective treatments designed to suit the individual needs of your pet. Talk to our knowledgeable staff so they can help determine the best product for you.


We can provide guidance on the appropriate dietary needs of your pet, whatever their stage of life. We also offer regular weight checks so you can monitor & adjust your pet's nutritional needs.


Grooming is limited to animals that need to be sedated or for certain medical conditions.  Our experienced nurses can also do nail clips and express anal glands.


Dental health is as important in pets as in people. We can provide advice and dental treatments, including teeth cleaning and tooth removals if necessary. We also have a range of products in the store to help you maintain those pearly whites!


We can perform x-rays, some blood tests and basic urine analysis in the clinic. For some tests, we may recommend sending samples to an external laboratory. We can also send x-rays for a specialist second opinion when needed.

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