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Farm Animal Services

We understand that your animals' well-being is the cornerstone of your farm's productivity and profitability. We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you optimise the potential of your individual system.


Each year we sit down and discuss how things are going for you. Once the consult is completed, we can then provide you with two important management tools:

  1. A customised animal health plan, so you know what needs doing & when.

  2. A Future Supply Authorisation for the drugs & vaccines you will most likely need throughout the year. This means you won't need to see a vet every time you need a prescription-only product. 


Our reproductive advice is based on Dairy NZ's In-Calf Programme.  We can help you achieve a compact calving period, through the use of effective synchrony programmes in both heifers and cows.  We use ultrasound scanning for pregnancy diagnosis, and can accurately age foetuses if desired, to further streamline your management in the calving period.  Post-calving, we offer Metrichecking, to identify any animals that need treatment prior to the next mating season. 


Your calves are the future of your herd, and good care is critical if you want the best from them as productive adults. We can provide you with advice on how to prevent common health issues seen in calves, and help manage any disease outbreaks if they occur. When the time comes for disbudding, we use a humane protocol, to minimise any pain and distress due to the procedure.


Good nutrition and body condition is the key to every animal's performance. We can perform BCS, or train you how to do it accurately so that you can effectively monitor nutritional status throughout the year.



Mastitis is one of the most common issues farmers deal with, but can be minimised with effective prevention strategies and rapid treatment when required.  Our Dry Cow Therapy consultation reviews your previous season and determines what your farm needs at drying off.


Whether it is internal or external parasites or the prevention of diseases such as leptospirosis or BVD, we can provide you with advice and the appropriate treatments to ensure these issues don't affect your productivity.


We are an accredited provider of Dairy NZ's Healthy Hoof Programme.  Talk to us about strategies for lameness prevention.



It's not uncommon to see trace element deficiencies in the Far North.  Talk to us about arranging to test for critical elements such as copper, selenium and cobalt. 

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